Sintered NdFeB magnet (Chromium plating)

Sintered NdFeB magnet (Chromium plating) Factory ,productor ,Manufacturer ,Supplier
Model No:Sintered NdFeB magnet (Chromium plating)
Product name: -YL012
Coating: Ni
Place of origin: China
Mini order:50pcs
Delivery date:5 days
Packing: Carton
Transportation: By sea / By air
Payment type: T/T, L/C
Export market: Europe/America/Korea/Japan etc.,
We are specializes in manufacturing and selling of NdFeB permanent magnetˇ˘AlNiCoˇ˘SmCo and all kinds of magnet-related products.
Our company can produce all kinds of grade sinteres NdFeB N series (N33-N48),M series (N30M-N50M),H series (N30H-N48H),SH series (N27SH-N45SH),UH series (N25UH-N38UH),EH series (N25EH-N35EH)etc., six series and over hundred different products.
We can produce NdFeB magnets,sintered NdFeB magnets according to your requirements. If you want to purchase or know more information about Sintered NdFeB Magnet, please contact us!