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NdFeB magnets:
NdFeB magnets that appeared at the early of 1980 are recognized as the third generation rare earth permanent magnets and the magnetic force is the most powerful. It can be divided into Sintering NdFeB magnets and Bonded NdFeB magnets.
It possesses high toughness,good ability of resisting corrosion and temperature.

NdFeB magnets Chemical composition:
Chemical analysis for sintering NdFeB magnets material based on intermetallic compounds RE2Fe14B,main composition is NdFeB magnet is (RE), (Fe) (B),thereinto thulium (Nd), in order to obtain different performance can instead by thulium of (Dy),(Pr) etc. also other metal can instead Fe,for example (Co), (Al) etc., smaller content of boron, but it affect tetragonal crystal intermetallics, making the intermetallics with high magnetization,uniaxial anisotropy and curie temperature.
NdFeB magnets Making process:
NdFeB magnet use Powder Metallurgy Process, proportion of material such as: neodymium, dysprosium, iron, cobalt, niobium, praseodymium, aluminum, iron, and boron etc., through Mid-frequency Induction Furnace smelting to alloy steel ingot, then broken into power of 3~5um,and forming mold in magnetic field, the green bodies sintering dense and tempering in Vacuum Sintering Furnace, that can earn magnetic properties of blank of permanent magnet. After grinding, drilling, cutting and other processing, last via surface finish, it is good NdFeB magnet.

sintering NdFeB magnets

Bonded NdFeB magnets

NdFeB magnets applied range:
Acoustic: loudhailer, receiver, microphone, annunciator, sound stage, car audio etc.
Electronics: watt-hour meter, water meter, noise meter,transducer etc,
Motor: VCM,CDDVD-ROM,dynamo, electromotor, servo motor, Pilot motors, motor, vibrator motor.
Machinery and equipment: magnetic separator, magnetic hanging.

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