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  • Arthritis

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  • In 2004 the British Medical Journal published a study done by six medical researchers on the effects of magnets on arthritis pain. Performed in Devon, England, this study was done on 194 patients to see if magnetic bracelets could ease the pain of arthritis. People wearing the magnetic bracelets reported less pain than those wearing placebo bracelets. Magnetic bracelets seem to calm the muscle, joint and bone pain that is common in arthritic patients and can also contribute to the patients' well-being.


  • Magnets may help with problematic areas in the body by increasing circulation and helping the body to heal itself. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, magnets might have the ability to attract or repulse blood particles, moving blood with increased oxygen and nutrients to painful areas. Magnets may also help decrease inflammation and cell degeneration, reducing chronic pain.

    Poor Circulation

  • Poor circulation can cause cold extremities, dizziness, white fingers, migraines and numbness. According to the Magnetic Therapy Council, wearing a magnetic bracelet can combat poor circulation in hands, wrists and fingers. Wearing the bracelets all day will help you achieve the best result.


  • Doctor Albert Roy Davis studied animals with cancer and found that magnets could kill the cancerous cells. Research has not proved that magnets kill cancer in human patients, but many doctors have used magnetic bracelets alongside regular cancer treatments.

    Headaches, Stress and Depression

  • Magnets can stimulate electrical pathways in the brain responsible for hormone levels and production, particularly serotonin and melatonin. Stable serotonin and melatonin levels can help with migraines, depression and stress--even insomnia. Magnetic bracelets can help to prevent headaches and also make them less intense when they do occur, and can also increase endorphins, providing natural pain relief and a sense of euphoria.

    Ask the Doctor

  • People who are pregnant or have a pacemaker or other implant should not use magnetic bracelets. Contact your doctor for advice about using magnetic therapy and to eliminate any associated health risks.