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A versatile Magnetic Bar is a simple and efficient means for keeping an array of metal tools neat, organized, and easy to locate. A perfect choice for those craftsmen in need of tidying a cluttered workbench, while having all frequently used tools close to hand.

A combi tool holder and magnetic strip, with quality construction, is design to accept all metal tools (often up to 10lbs in weight), so able to secure drill bits, hex wrench, screwdriver, clamps or pliers with ease.

Some of the mounting options include attaching to a shelf, ladder, workbench, or wall space for a flexible and versatile tool storage organizer. A magnetic strip is often finished with a powder coating to prevent scratch marks to tools.

Size wise, a magnetic holder comes manufactured in several lengths, often in the region of 8 to 24-inches, with a width at 1 to 2-inches, and an ability to hold a total limit of 240lbs. A multi-functional strip often features a series of hooks or loops to aid in holding tools that arení»t magnetic.

Other magnetic tool storage options include a circular or square shaped tray for placing loose bolts or screws when working in a busy workshop. A compact-sized bowl offers an effective measure to avoid losing small parts, and comes with a magnetic strip similar to the tool bars.

A compete portable solution is found with the strap-on magnetic holders, which come with a comfortable strap, powerful magnet, Velcro loop, and a sufficiently sized load space to accept drill parts, screws, and driver tips. Its resilient strap offers an option to attach to wrist or tool handle to ensure all parts are within easy reach at all times.

A well-made magnetic strip is an ideal investment for those needing to eliminate clutter, and to avoid loosing tools in a workshop, garage, or kitchen environment.