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Magnetic products are always seen as an alternative. In other words, magnetic products are an "alternative" medicine, which means that when you decide to purchase a magnetic product you are buying a product that is neither prescribed nor recommended by traditional western doctors. This is not to say that western medicine is not doing its job (they simply have a different way of looking at medicine), but it is important to make this distinction from the beginning, because this is important to understand when you make the decision to buy a magnetic products or any alternative medicine product for that matter.

When we look at some of the magnetic products available, which include magnet belts, bracelets, chairs, mattress pads and even magnetic car seats, we see there are a large variety of magnetic products available to choose from. Which magnetic product you decide to purchase is probably going to have something to do with the type of chronic pain you are suffering from.

For instance, if you have pain in your wrists, the obvious choice might be magnetic bracelets, or a magnetic typing pad if you feel most of your pain while typing on your keyboard (perhaps caused from carpal tunnel syndrome). If you have chronic back pain, then you can choose from magnetic belts, magnet padded chairs and magnet padded mattress pads or car seats. If you are feeling pain in your ankles, you can purchase a magnetic ankle brace or bracelet. The point is that there are many different types of magnetic products to choose from, depending on the type of magnetic therapy you need or desire.

If you already know that magnetic therapy works for your issue, you may try a magnetic mattress pad that you can sleep on. The magnetic mattress pads, chairs and car seats are a nice way to gain the benefits of magnetic therapy because you never have to put anything on; essentially you can get the benefits of magnet therapy by simply sleeping, sitting or driving if you choose these types of magnetic products.

The fact of the matter is that magnetic therapy is a billion dollar industry, and magnetic products are sold everyday. Some people are in love with their magnet therapy products and find them to work great for their problem while there is no doubt others wished they had saved their hard-earned money. The bottom line is that only you can decide which magnet product to purchase and from what magnet therapy vendor. But just be aware that not every magnet therapy product is created equal and if you don't purchase a quality magnet product for your specific type of chronic pain, you may give up on alternative medicine altogether, and that is certainly not recommended by this author.