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Production of magnetic material industry in China has begun to take shape, middle and low products occupy a larger international market, but in high-end products have not formed a strong power, the lack of international competitiveness. From the industry as a whole, China¡¯s magnetic materials industry and foreign advanced countries, there are some gaps.

China¡¯s output of magnetic products, although close to and more than Japan, but lower than Japan in the output. This is mainly low-grade products and low added value. Our magnetic products the average price of less than half or one third of Japan¡¯s products.

Internal magnetic products, the majority concentrated in the low level. Ferrite speaker magnets to the main product performance in the Y30. Motor magnetic tile performance of the Y30H-1, but the performance is not stable enough, when mass production. Especially the radial magnetized magnets domestic production has just started, but in demand. Soft ferrite products focused on consumer products, industrial production in less core classes. Mass-produced power ferrite materials, the performance is equivalent to Japan¡¯s TDK products PC30 grades; high permeability ferrite of about i in 8000. A small number of enterprises to small batch production PC40 grades and magnetic permeability rate of more than 10,000 products. Rare Earth Magnets Bonded NdFeB production start-up, high-grade small.

At present, China¡¯s total sales of special equipment for magnetic materials to 1.43 billion yuan, has been able to provide complete sets of magnetic material into a line of production equipment. The 21st century, China¡¯s magnetic performance and a new grade will be raised. At the same time, due to intense competition, demand continued to reduce product cost. To this end, special equipment should be developed magnetic high degree of automation, low power and high efficiency equipment. Tooling equipment, improvement of magnetic products can improve a grade, using a high degree of automation of continuous production line in order to reduce the influence of human factors to ensure product consistency.

Ministry of Information Industry of the magnetic products according to the "95" fishing expedition testing situation, some companies have reached and the product¡¯s performance close to the foreign advanced level. The magnetic properties of NdFeB to N45, the performance of hard ferrite magnets to achieve the level of Japan¡¯s TDK to FB6E, soft ferrite to TDK¡¯s PC40 grade, high-permeability products meet 1.200015 billion. I believe in the "Tenth Five-Year" period, China¡¯s Magnetic generally there will be new product performance improvement.

China Magnetic Material Industry Market Prospect

Magnetic material is a variety of electronic products supporting product, whether it is consumer appliances and industrial machine, such as computers, communications equipment, automotive, and defense industry are inseparable from the magnetic material. According to expert analysis, magnetic materials market in the world will grow by 15%. The next five years, the Mainland of China Magnetic Material Industry mainly in terms of quality and performance is increased, the growth rate in yield will be slower. However, some developed countries, and China¡¯s Hong Kong and Taiwan region, the transfer of magnetic material industries to the Mainland of China, the total output may be a breakthrough forecast.

Now the world¡¯s vehicle production of about 55 million, according to the number of each vehicle using the motor from the current 20, 2005 increased to 30 to predict the need motors from 800 million to 1.6 billion. Automotive speaker output from the current 160 million to 230 million. Forecast and matching the needs of ferrite permanent-magnet device 250 thousand tons.

As the car to the development of smaller and lighter, as well as to protect the environment, use of non-gasoline-driven cars, prompting the anisotropic bonded NdFeB magnets to accelerate development. If the car has 50% of the use of bonded NdFeB magnets, such as windshield wiper motors, window washing motor, electric mirrors, door locks and seat adjustment motor and so on the application, you need to bonded NdFeB magnets 102 grams / vehicle. By 2005, world production of 55.4 million vehicles in order to calculate, it is necessary bonded NdFeB magnet is about 5540 tons. It is estimated that in 2005 the output value will be the world permanent magnet more than 10 billion U.S. dollars.

The development of the computer led to the development of supporting components, hard drives, floppy drives, respectively, global production of 1.2 million and 2.7 million units, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive of 800 million units, printer, 2.5 million units, the use of Nd-Fe - One of the largest markets, the annual demand of about 4,000 tons. According to the U.S. market survey, in 2000 the international computer market, 100 million units in 2005 about 200 million units. Forecast International market needs high-grade soft ferrite 2 million tons, high-grade ferrite 20,000 tons.

Telecommunications industry, telephone and mobile phone devices require more and more anti-jamming core, the miniaturization of chip inductors, as well as microphone and speakers, which is soft and permanent magnet materials has brought a good market. This requires a high permeability ferrite materials 3 million tons, nearly 1000 tons NdFeB magnets.

In the consumer products, to 2005, the world¡¯s color TV market, 200 million units, video recorders for the 60 million units, video cameras to 20 million units, home audio market reached 170 million units, car audio market reached 71.57 million units. A new generation of DVD machines, by 2005, its market demand will reach 40 million units, MD recorder market, the total sales volume will reach 29.9 million units. Will require 30,000 tons of soft ferrite, hard ferrite 50,000 tons, 1000 tons NdFeB magnets 1. In short, from the market development, the magnetic material into the 21st century development of the market prospects are optimistic.

According to market development, China¡¯s future magnetic material industry should pay attention to the following points:

Consumer product grades to improve

With consumer products to digital and high-performance development, and pairs of magnetic materials has raised higher demands. Such as color televisions high-definition, digital, the power loss of the soft ferrite, magnetic permeability, the requirements of frequency of use than those in high simulator. Other digital video camcorders, audio equipment, inverter air conditioners that require high-grade magnetic material.

Is the dominant market of industrial products

Automotive, communications, computer industry development, and promote the development of high-grade magnetic materials. Enterprises should pay attention to scientific and technological progress and technological transformation, so that the product grade to a new level. Ferrite Magnet Ceramic 8 to have the United States for more than the standard product, soft ferrite cores should be Japanese TDK¡¯s PC40, PC44, PC50 grade products and high-magnetic materials (greater than 10,000), NdFeB magnets to produce N40 the above materials, additional development and production of bonded magnets to accelerate development.

The direction of magnetic materials industry in China


Currently the most widely used soft magnetic ferrite, according to use and materials can be divided into: MnZn power ferrite materials, communications, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with the Mn-Zn high permeability ferrite materials, deflection coils used for Mn-Zn Department of ferrite materials, radio-frequency broadband and electronic interference (EMI) suppression of nickel zinc ferrite material with the four major categories. Material further to the high-frequency, high permeability and low loss development, that is, two high and one low direction. The device to the miniaturization of chip and surface mount technology direction.

In digital communications and optical fiber communication technology, the extensive use of high permeability ferrite cores made of broadband and pulse transformer. In the field of electromagnetic compatibility, but also a large number of high-permeability core made of common-mode choke to suppress electromagnetic interference. "15" key to the high permeability and high cut-off frequency direction, can stabilize the mass production of i = 10000 15000 material.

With the extensive application of digital technology and the relevant national laws and regulations compatible with the integrity of the circuit used for EMI suppression of nickel-zinc ferrite material technology will also be further developed. "15" focus on developing chip-based devices, to high-frequency 1 2MHz materials, direction, and make product series.

In recent years, mobile phones, notebook computers and digital instrumentation for development, so that EL DC / DC power transformer into a Daxin trend. Micro-battery DC voltage through the switch circuit into a high-frequency alternating voltage, and then through a high permeability ferrite cores made of EL will be alternating voltage power transformers up to a certain level then, added to the market EL sheet composed of parallel-plate capacitor, so that light-emitting light-emitting film.

In the future, high-definition televisions and monitors used in high-frequency flyback transformer will be the focus of manufacturers to develop products, double-focusing flyback transformers, multi-storey will be more popular flyback transformers. In the future, R-type ferrite core will further replace the EI-type core.

Ferrite Material

As the cars and computers with the increased demand for high-grade magnets, China¡¯s high-grade ferrite percentage will increase rapidly. Expect "15" period Y30H-1 series of the proportion of high-end products will be in 2000 about 40% increase to 2005, more than 60% (about 126,000 tons), Y30H-2 Brand output of the above series of high-end products could reach 10 % or so (about 21.3 thousand tons), the proportion of total exports increased to 50%.

NdFeB magnets

As the rich raw material resources, cheap labor and huge application market, the development of NdFeB magnets in China, has many advantages. With the advent of the patent expiry date, "15" period to greater development in the affirmative. In addition to the steady occupation of middle and low product market, the focus on developing high-grade products, materials performance to N45, N38H and N32H, total output will reach 10,000 tons.

Chinese magnet industry with abundant resources and cheap labor advantage, jumped in recent decades become a world producer. The next century, China in the world arena magnetic industry will further increase, which is the inevitable trend of history. But how from a magnetic material into a magnetic material producing countries producing power, the road is still very difficult and require industry-wide R & D units and production enterprises with the struggle. The 21st century, the world magnetic power will belong to China.