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Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd.Ningbo YiLi Magnetic
is wholly-owned subsidiary of YiLi Industry Co.,Ltd. who relies on sizable fincancial support and abundant client resources obtained from YiLi Industry Co.,Ltd., therefore, Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd can develop so fast and solidly.
    Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd was established in 2000, we, a hi-tech export-oriented enterprise, specialize in researching ,developing and manufacturing of NdFeB permanent magnet,AlNiCo,SmCo and all kinds of magnet-related products. Based on the advanced equipment and method in the relative cooperating manufacturer, on the premise of ensured high quality product ,our company always offers a maximum profit and excellent service for all clients against of advantages .
    Our company produces all kinds of grade sintered NdFeB N series (N33-N50),M series (30M-50M),H series (30H-48H),SH series (27SH-45SH),UH series (25UH-38UH),EH series (25EH-35EH)etc., six series and over a hundred different products.
    We can be based on customers' drawing or sample to produce it. You are more than welcome to visit and negotiate business.
    In addition, we posses our own feature in manufacture techniques: in the first process, we can control the products in low oxygen content, low density and good property coherence;in the second process, we can design and produce according to customers' request. Such as Square, Cylinder and Circular etc.,
Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province ,China , it has a deepwater port second only to Shanghai , China, and is also the most concentrated areas for supplying NdFeB permanent magnetic material in China. Based on the interior and exterior environment, let's make best use of the advantages and by pass the disadvantages, control the cost, and refine the producing process. Our products quality is measured up to the standard height with large-scale-production domestic enterprises, however, our price is far lower than them.
    These products can be used in in sound system, rare earth magnetic motor , computer, MRI, magnetic force coupling, oil field wax remover, magnetic floating, magnetic health care, magnetic hoisting, magnetic sensor, selling well in such countries and regions as USA, Japan ,Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc...
    If you are still worried about finding a good supplier that can give high quality and low price, please contact us . Our products, price and service won't let you down in consequence of the real good value for money.
We are looking forward to your inquiry, mail and call .

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