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We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and well implementing all procedures strictly under control. Problem preventive actions and quality assurance are properly combined with special inspection for all procedures from raw material purchasing, outside cooperating part manufacturing, inside manufacturing to shipping. We also install a complete set of physical and chemical test equipment to make sure that all our products are manufactured and shipped under strictly quality control.

Salt Spray Test : YiLi Magnets Services

Mainly test the surface treatment against the corrosion.Usually the tested samples will becontinuous sprayed 24 hours in the 35? temperature to see if there is any rust appearance on the surface.

Projection Instrument:

Mainly test the magnets with irregular shapes such as arc segments and any other irregular-shaped parts to see if their dimensions meet the customers'requirements or not.
PCT Instrument:

Mainly test the magnets to prevent against corrosion on the high temperature and high atmospheric pressure .Usually the test condition is 120?temperature and 2 atmospheric pressure
Heat& Humidity Instrument:

Mainly test the magnet to against corrosion on certain temperature and humidity . Usually the test condition is 80?temperature and 90%+/-3% humidity

Mainly test the magnetic characteristics of the magnet, including Residual (Br ), Coercive(Hcb) . IntrinsicCoercive(Hcj), Max. Energy product(BH max) and any other related magnetic parameters.