Superior quality and competitive price ,delivery in time

Ningbo YiLi Magnetic has the following advantage:
1.Good quality: in material area, we can control the products in low oxygen content, low density and good property coherence. In tooling process, we use advanced management mode.
2.Competitive price: we have manufacture base for blanks and process. That can reduce trade link.
3.Delivery in time:we will basis customer request shipment on time.
4.Supply magnetic assembly: we have room for fitting magnetic assembly, can basis customer request to produce these magnetic assembly.

About Company

Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of YiLi Industry Co.,Ltd.YiLi Magnetic Rely on strong fincancial support and foreight resources from YiLi Industry Co.,Ltd., Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd can develop so quickly. Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd was established in 2000, we , a hi-tech export-oriented enterprise, specializes in researching ,development and manufacturing of NdFeB permanent magnet,AlNiCo,SmCo and all kinds of magnet-related products. Base on the advanced equipment and method in the relatived cooperate-manufacture , on the premise of ensureing high quality product ,our company always offer a maximum profit and excellent service for all client against of cost advantages ...